[Original Analysis by Arsenal Analyst] Arsenal’s 2016/17 Season Preview (Part 2)

Welcome to the second part of our preview on Arsenal’s new season. Let’s jump right into action!

[Left Wings]

Arsenal has their new king here, Alexis Sánchez.


Alexis Sanchez

Alexis is a dominant starter at this position but here is what Arsenal fans don’t want to see.alexis-injuryAlexis should get some rest during the season so he can stay at 100% condition throughout the whole year. Arsenal had a hard time last season after Alexis fell. Alexis attempted for an early comeback but was not fit enough to save Arsenal’s title race.

During the finals in “Copa América Centenario,” he was injured again. He should be given some more rest despite him wanting to comeback early for the start of this season.

Who can replace Arsenal’s new king then? That’s probably Alex Iwobi, the sensational youngster.


Alex Iwobi

This youngster came into Arsenal best eleven in the second half of last season and showed some great abilities. He is still young but looking at his form during pre-season, he will probably be starting in many games this season too.


Now let’s look at the last and most controversial position, the striker. This position is where all the Arsenal fans are greatly worried about. They are expecting a big signing but nobody came in yet despite all the offers being made. Given the fact that there are no other new options, Arsenal has three competitors in this area for now. The first two of those players are Chuba Akpom and Theo Walcott.


Akpom, Walcott

Chuba is a great youngster and he showed some possibilities in his ability during the pre-season games. But, he’s still young and Wenger probably doesn’t see him as a first team option yet.

More likely option is probably Theo Walcott, which is sad.theo-badHis form during the last few seasons hasn’t been so great. He’s nothing more than a sprinter with a ball at his current form.

Theo’s pre-season form might look better than last season but most fans do not count on this “hopefulness” anymore. He never delivered the right result in the end.

theo-goodHe should be showing this every week if he wants that striker spot, not just in pre-season.

The last option in this position is Olivier Giroud.


Olivier Giroud

He was left out to the last because we wanted to point something out about this player. We think he is not the best player to be playing for an only striker in 4-2-3-1 formation.

During “Euro 2016,” Giroud showed us that he was better with an attacking partner on his side, like in a 4-4-2 formation.



Giroud sees Antoine Griezmann running into the defense.giroud-1He flicks the ball into the space in front of Griezmann and that’s a free chance for his partner.

This is what we want to focus on, his ability to utilize other teammates. This ability can be better maximized if he has another striker running next to him. He became a lure himself to deceive the defenders. They are all misled by Giroud’s positioning.

Again here, Giroud goes up for a header and the final defender is pulled into Giroud’s zone.giroud-2-1

giroud-2-2A big space opens up behind for Griezmann and he is free in front of goal.


So, if Arsenal is to play a 4-4-2, the line-up might look like this.


4-4-2 Team Selection

Čech in the goal, Monreal on the left, Bellerín on the right,
Laurent and Gabriel in the center,

Xhaka and Coquelin in the defensive midfield,
Santi Cazorla on the left but acting more like a commander in the center,
and Özil on the right with more of a free role in the whole midfield area.

On the top, Alexis will partner up with Giroud to run into the space that Giroud creates.

1st Round Prospects: 

BUT, we all know that Wenger doesn’t like “change.”
Assuming that Wenger will play 4-2-3-1 again, what would the line-up against Liverpool look like in the first game of this season?


4-2-3-1 Team Selection

Monreal and Bellerín will occupy the full-backs.
Rob and Calum will be the centre-backs since there is no other choice.

Elneny and Coquelin might start together giving Xhaka some time to adapt to a new league.
With Özil still out for a break and Cazorla out with injury, Ramsey could fill up the central attacking midfield position, given a role to run into the Liverpool defense.

On the right, Ox who had a great pre-season could be given a chance to start.

On the left, Iwobi is expected to start. We chose Iwobi here over Alexis just because we think Alexis should take some rest. Despite all the news about Alexis being able to play, we strongly suggest Arsène to stop him from playing. This is just the first game. A long season is waiting; Alexis should learn to chill and take some time off.

On the striker position, Walcott is expected to start. There are no other options available here other than Akpom. Arsène has not given much chance to Akpom previously and he is expected to do the same again. Walcott should prove his quality by running in behind the defensive line and scoring when he has a chance.

That wraps up our “two-part” preview now. Thanks for reading. We will come back with more informative analysis soon.

Good luck Arsenal!


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