Giroud compares his superb goal with Manchester United winger’s “offside goal”

Olivier Giroud, on Facebook Live, evaluated his “scorpion-kick goal” as a better goal than Manchester United FC winger Henrikh Mkhitaryan‘s similar-looking goal.


Giroud scored an extraordinary goal in the 19th round league game against Crystal Palace FC. His Arsenal teammate Alexis Sánchez put up a cross and Giroud finished the attack with a heel shot that resembled a scorpion.

However before Giroud’s unbelievable goal, Manchester United’s Mkhitaryan also scored a similar goal in the 18th round (played in December 2016) against Sunderland AFC. This goal seemed like a great goal but had one error; Mkhitaryan was standing at an offside position.

Many people started comparing these two goals right after. Most experts went for Giroud’s goal because Mkhitaryan’s goal should not have been a goal from the first place. Giroud thought the same. He praised Mkhitaryan’s goal but said his goal was still a better one. He also explained how everyone at the locker-room cheered for his goal after the game.


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