Arsenal legend criticizes Granit Xhaka’s stupid red card

Arsenal legend, Thierry Henry, criticized Granit Xhaka who received his second red card of the season against Burnley FC.


Xhaka was sent off from the field at the 20th minute of second half and Arsenal had to play a difficult game for the remaining time. The circumstances when Xhaka got sent off made his red card look more awful. Arsenal was leading the game 1 – 0 and Burnley was not even near threatening the goal. After Xhaka’s red card, the game started to change. Arsenal conceded a penalty goal three minutes into injury time but just managed to score one more to finish the game with three points.

Henry could not believe Xhaka’s tackle. As he explained, the ball was 55 meters away from the goal and there was 25 minutes left on the clock. But, not minding the situation, Xhaka went in for a two feet tackle which usually calls for direct red card.

Xhaka already received three red cards last season in his previous team. Extend that to last three years, he got nine red cards in total. Now Henry (as well as many fans) is questioning Xhaka’s “self-control” ability.


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