Arsenal midfielder investigated by the police with racial abuse

Arsenal is having some trouble with series of scandalous incidents. Following Arsène Wenger‘s FA charge, Granit Xhaka got investigated by the police with a racial abuse just 24 hours after the Burnley FC match.


Xhaka was at the London Heathrow Airport to see his friend off. However, they were five minutes late for his friends’s flight and as a result, his friend was denied to board the plane for Germany. Xhaka, enraged, was reported to have insulted a staff at the airport by saying something racially unpleasant.

After the police came to the site, he went to the police station at his own will to receive full investigation. At the station, he refused all his charges and told that he did not insult the staff.

Arsenal did not yet announce anything official about this issue. Wenger will be talking to Xhaka on Tuesday.


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